Spencer R. Pruitt, PhD

AVP – Research and Academic Computing

Spencer R. Pruitt received his B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota Duluth. He then entered the graduate program at Iowa State University, joining the research group of Prof. Mark S. Gordon. After completing his PhD, he continued his work in the Gordon group as a postdoctoral associate. Afterwards, he spent time as a postdoctoral appointee in the Leadership Computing Facility at Argonne National Laboratory working on massively parallel fragmentation methods and porting code to new architectures. Before coming to Northeastern, he worked as a Computational Scientist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he expanded the HPC resources, supported faculty and students with their research computing needs, and served as Interim Director of Academic and Research Computing.

Raphael Schroter, PhD

Raphael Schroter

Assistant Director, Research Computing

Shobana Sekar, PhD

picture of ShobanaSekar

Associate Bioinformatician


Julia Unis

 Julia Cho

Technical Writer, Research Computing

Greg Shomo

 Senior HPC Administrator

David Hummel

 Research Cloud Engineer

James Macalino

Storage Engineer, Research Computing

Mariana Levi, PhD

Mariana Levi

Associate Computational Scientist

Manasvita Joshi, PhD

Associate Data Scientist

Manasvita Joshi is currently out on maternity leave.

Boris Yazlovitsky

HPC Administrator, Research Computing

Student Assistants

Prasad Bandarkar

Co-op Cyberinfrastructure Facilitator

Rhea Dcosta

Co-op Assistant Data Analyst

Rohin Arora

Graduate Student Assistant

Nitish Tyagi

Co-op Assistant Data Scientist

Sarah Gracia

Associate Content Developer

Khajan Joshi

Graduate Research Assistant

Aparna Shelar

Graduate Research Assistant

Deena Dasarathan

Graduate Research Assistant

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