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The Research Computing team provides free, online training sessions for Discovery users and Northeastern Students interested in learning more about Discovery. We have added a selection of our most-viewed training sessions for you to get started on the Discovery cluster. 

If you are an instructor using Discovery with your class and would like us to develop or present a personalized training session for your class, please contact All Discovery users can also reach out with any suggestions for future training topics!

Discovery Basics

Discovery Basics is a great training session for new Discovery users looking to get started on the cluster. This session includes an introduction to basic concepts of high performance (HPC) computing including launching jobs interactively and in the background, accessing partitions, monitoring the status of submitted jobs, and Slurm (the cluster’s job scheduler).


Training Materials

Intro to OOD

Beginner-level session for Discovery users to learn the basics of Open OnDemand. 


Training Materials

Linux and Shell Scripting

Beginner to intermediate-level session for Discovery users to learn the basics of the Linux command line and scripting using the standard Linux command shell BASH.


Training Materials

GPUs on Discovery

Intermediate-level session for Discovery users to familiarize themselves with utilizing various NVIDIA GPUs that are available to them on the cluster. The session includes various hands-on exercises to show how to launch jobs on the GPU partition with or without specific GPUs, running TensorFlow & PyTorch with GPU support on the cluster, and a few basic CUDA examples. 


Training Materials

Slurm Arrays

An advanced-level session for Discovery users to understand what Slurm arrays are and how they can be used to enhance the efficiency and scalability of job execution in HPC environments by allowing users to manage and execute a group of similar jobs as a unified entity.


Training Materials

Join the RC Training Course!

All previously recorded Research Computing training sessions have been added to the Research Computing Training Course in Canvas. Once you’ve clicked the link to enroll, you will need to log in using your Northeastern credentials. 

The RC training sessions cover a wide range of topics and skill levels and offer you the opportunity to explore training sessions at your own pace, in the areas that you’re most interested in (e.g., Linux & Shell Scripting, Slurm Arrays, Software Installation, GPUs, Bioinformatics, Deep Learning, LAMMPs). You will be able to perform hands-on training exercises by accessing RC files shared on GitHub repositories. 

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