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To support Northeastern’s research enterprise, IT Services has over 20 full-time staff roles dedicated to the research needs of the university, from both within the Research Computing department and throughout the ITS organization. For open positions at ITS and on the Research Computing team, visit 

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Executive Director, Research Computing

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Akwasi Appaih

CMMC Information Security Engineer

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Wilson Bui

         DevOps Engineer

Wilson assists with maintaining and deploying the Electronic Proposal Approval & Workflow System alongside the rest of the Research Computing Team. He has over 8 years of experience in the DevOps space working with enterpriselevel applications deployed through CI/CD Pipelines and maintained in Cloud Providers like AWS as Infrastructure as Code.  

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Serena Caplins, PhD

Associate Bioinformatician

Serena has extensive experience with non-model organism genomics, including de novo genome or transcriptome assembly, genome annotation, genome liftover, variant calling, and population genetics. She is eager to help biologists with their computing needs and is skilled in experimental design (GWAS, Population genetics, and quantitative genetics), data analysis, and visualization in RStudio. Serena earned her PhD from UC Davis in Population Biology.  

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Anitha Chelleperumal

Full Stack Developer

Anitha provides support for the Electronic Proposal Approval & Workflow System suite of products (eCD and cCLAWS). She acts as the primary liaison between Northeastern and the vendor technical team. She is involved in tracking and resolving issues raised by customers, managing, and promoting code, and directly assisting users. Additionally, she supports integration with Northeastern HR systems that provide functionality across the ePAWS suite. 

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Joseph Cooke, PhD

Computational Scientist

Joseph assists researchers across multiple departments with utilizing high performance computing (HPC) resources through direct interactions. He has been working with HPC resources to model magnetic materials, including studying magnetization and energy flow with a primary focus on numerical stability in spin-lattice dynamics since 2014. Joseph also has experience in benchmarking scientific code to determine optimal run conditions on HPC resources. He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania. 

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Edgar Franck

Lead of Research Application Support

Edgar is the team lead of the specialized, cross-functional Research Technologies support group. He provides dedicated assistance to research groups through guidance on hardware, software, workflows, and secure data solutions. Edgar has over ten years of IT solutions experience and 4 years supporting research, biotech, and life sciences. Edgar earned his MS in Environmental science and BS in Biology.

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Anthony House

Research Network Engineer

Anthony maintains the network connectivity for Northeastern’s Research Computing cluster. He has been designing and engineering networks for over five years. More recently, he has been focused on automating networks with infrastructure as code principles.  

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Esau Johnson

CMMC Information Security Analyst

Esau provides support to key compliance programs, in addition to compliance with security standards established by DoD under the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. He has over eight years of cyber security consultancy supporting federal and private agencies. Esau earned his BS in Economics from the University of Liberia and his MS in Project Management from the University of PhoenixHe achieved several DoD required cybersecurity certificates, including CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker, and Certified Information Security Manager. 

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Manasvita Joshi, PhD

           Data Scientist   

Manasvita is responsible for leading cross-functional collaboration and projects. She works actively with research groups to help them design, program, and implement methods and tools for data curation and visualization; and providing code optimization and scientific software benchmarking. She has over 10 years of experience in high-energy astrophysics, numerical modeling, data exploration, and data analysis. She has been a PI for multiple NASA-funded projects and reviewer for grant committees. She has spoken at over 30 conferences, taught astronomy courses, and mentored students. 

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Tara Ketchem

            Documentation, Training & Outreach                       Specialist       

Tara is tasked with the goal of bridging documentation and communication across the teams in the Academic & Research Technologies department. She has a B.A. in Rhetoric and Writing Studies from Western Michigan University. She has been working in technical writing and document management since 2014. 

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Divya Kottam

ServiceNow Developer/Administrator

Divya primarily works on the implementation and support of ServiceNow. She works with the Academic Technology and Research Computing teams to perform day-to-day administration of ServiceNow, which includes incident resolution, request fulfillment, working on canvas, services, workflows, integration, and reporting. She has been part of the platform upgrade of ServiceNow and worked on the planning, testing, and change process for this rollout. 

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Sanna Mumtaz

Research Technology Analyst

Sanna graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science in 2020. Her responsibilities include receiving technical support requests from researchers from all over the university. She sets up consultations regarding setting up technologies for labs and troubleshoots any technical issues researchers may be facing. She has certification in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and SQL. She works closely with the CX repair team to set up, update and manage research devices including Government Community Cloud High support. 

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Joseph Robinson, PhD

Machine Learning Performance Engineer

Joseph is responsible for supporting ML research on the HPC. He works to improve system performance, track experiments, generate publishable results, and optimize the job scheduling on the cluster. Joseph is a double husky (BS, 2014; PhD., 2020). His thesis comprised over 35 peer-reviewed papers on applied ML, computer vision, deep learning, and multimodal. Joseph taught data science at NU and ML at Tufts University. He and Dr. Raymond Fu co-founded AEyeZone, using AI to make construction sites safer.

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Greg Shomo

Senior HPC Administrator

Greg came to Northeastern’s Research Computing team with over 22 years of experience working at TechSquare as a computer consultant and trainer. He specializes in Linux in higher education and research environments. He has also managed high-performance computing resources systems at numerous universities, including MIT, Tufts, and Northeastern for over 20 years. 

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Bruce Waterbury

OIS Consulting and Education Manager

Bruce collaborates with the Northeastern community to advance secure data management and security best practices. He provides support to researchers through individual consultations, workshops, and various other means. Bruce holds his BS in Information Technology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and is presently pursuing his MS in Cybersecurity at Northeastern’s Khoury College. 

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HPC Systems Administrator

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Research Software Engineer

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Student Assistants

Keval Paresh Chheda

Graduate Research Assistant

Prasanth Dwadasi

Graduate Research Assistant

Karan Sunil Joisher

Graduate Research Assistant

Keerthana Jaikumar Kolimarla

Assistant Content Developer

Vrushali Phaltankar

Graduate Research Assistant

Paarthvi Sharma

Graduate Research Assistant

Prajwal Shenoy

Graduate Research Assistant

Research Computing Student Alumni

Akhil Ajikumar

Rohin Arora

Prasad Bandarkar

Srinjoy Chakravarty

Jiali Cheng

Faustin Combe

Deena Dasarathan

Gaurang Davda

Rhea Dcosta

Aakanksha Duggal

Nitish Tyagi

Sarah Gracia

Khajan Joshi

Nikhil Manikonda

Surya Periaswamy

Girish Pillai

Arjun Prashanth

Sriram Ravindran

Aparna Shelar

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