Associate Computational Scientist Mariana Levi joins Research Computing

Jul 9, 2019 | Announcements

The Research Computing (RC) team welcomed Mariana Levi, PhD in August. Mariana will be one of the team’s computational scientists, assisting researchers with using the full potential of the Discovery cluster. Mariana spent her PhD years developing novel models to simulate large-scale biomolecules, such as the ribosome, and gained experience in effectively utilizing high performance computing (HPC) systems. Her passion is to explore how high-performance computation can assist science through interaction with faculty and students. She looks forward to helping researchers across campus with using Discovery.


Introductory Training Session Updates

The Research Computing team has updated the introductory training sessions available in the RC Training Canvas Course. While the recordings remain the same, the course materials and links have been updated to ensure accuracy and functionality.

Tech Life

Bioinformatics in Research Computing

Associate bioinformatician Shobana Sekar collaborated with and facilitated the research of genomics-focused faculty, students, and researchers, enabling them to run their bioinformatics workflows on the HPC cluster in an optimal manner.

Tech Life

Partnering to Accelerate Neural Network Models

Associate Data Scientist Mariana Levi helps accelerate Gunther Zupanc's research with the power of Discovery.