New Live Broadcast Training Course!

Sep 11, 2019 | Announcements

Welcome new and returning Huskies! We are happy to announce a new format to our Research Computing training sessions. We will be live broadcasting our training in a webinar style format as well as having training in person. You can sign up for our first class Introduction to Linux through our EventBrite page. Make sure to choose which option you prefer, either online or in person when signing up. The online format is hosted through Teams. The link is provided on the EventBrite page. Be sure to login a few minutes early so we can make sure you have a good connection and are comfortable with the communication options in Teams. This is an active learning session, so we want you to be able to ask questions and get feedback during the training. If you are attending in person, bring your laptop so you can practice some of the Linux commands that we’ll be demonstrating.

Look for more training to be added in the near future. We hope to see you in person or online soon!


Introductory Training Session Updates

The Research Computing team has updated the introductory training sessions available in the RC Training Canvas Course. While the recordings remain the same, the course materials and links have been updated to ensure accuracy and functionality.

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