Introduction to Python training session

Sep 24, 2019 | Announcements

This training session will help get you started with the basics of Python, a high-level object oriented interpreted language that has successfully bridged the gap between being a scripting tool and a full-featured programming language. This session will focus on using Python either as a stand-alone tool for computational problems or as a workflow automation tool for high performance applications. While this session focuses on the basics of Python for people new to this language, you should have some basic understanding of programming concepts before attending this session in order to get the most out of it. Please make sure to bring your laptop, as this is an active learning session with opportunities to practice.



Introductory Training Session Updates

The Research Computing team has updated the introductory training sessions available in the RC Training Canvas Course. While the recordings remain the same, the course materials and links have been updated to ensure accuracy and functionality.

Tech Life

Bioinformatics in Research Computing

Associate bioinformatician Shobana Sekar collaborated with and facilitated the research of genomics-focused faculty, students, and researchers, enabling them to run their bioinformatics workflows on the HPC cluster in an optimal manner.

Tech Life

Partnering to Accelerate Neural Network Models

Associate Data Scientist Mariana Levi helps accelerate Gunther Zupanc's research with the power of Discovery.