GlobusWorld Tour Coming to Northeastern

Oct 2, 2019 | Announcements

 Globus ( is a research data management service developed by the University of Chicago and is used by hundreds of thousands of researchers at institutions in the US and abroad. The Globus team presents a series of workshops each year across the US, targeted at system administrators who have deployed (or are planning to deploy) Globus at their institution, developers building applications for research, and anyone who is interested in learning more about the Globus service.

  • Those new to Globus will learn about features that support data management throughout the research lifecycle.
  • System administrators will learn about advanced Globus endpoint configurations and have the opportunity to discuss their specific use cases with Globus staff.
  • Developers will learn how the Globus APIs provide intuitive access to authentication, authorization, sharing, transfer, and synchronization capabilities.
  • Companion iPython/Jupyter notebooks will provide application skeletons that you can adapt to realize your own research data portals, science gateways, and other web applications that support research data workflows.

Space is limited for this workshop! For more details and to sign up visit: